“Bento” isn’t just a word for food anymore [Concept Design]

When you hear the word “bento“, you’ll probably be thinking of that Japanese lunch box that contains a full meal from the main dish to some deserts. Now, how would you apply that concept to the multitude of gadgets that a typical technophyle has? That’s what designer René Woo-Ram Lee was thinking when he took the task of bringing the bento concept to gadgets and here’s what he has come up with.

What’s included in this “Bento”?

  • Laptop with 15″ OLED screen
  • 11″ tablet and 4″ phone sit in shallow depressions
  • Solar powered lithium-ion battery
  • 1TB SSD drive

Scroll further down to have a better view of this tasty concept. Images are courtesy of Yanko Design.

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