Avast free antivirus to Mac rooted

There would really come a time when we thought things that are so secured gets cracked and infected maliciously. Apple OS X could be one of this, with acknowledgement of Mac Defender malware problem. So all left for users are to resort for antivirus applications that isn’t new anymore and you can Avast with it’s own Mac version.

In sense of the right timing, just the infiltrated Mac Defender —-Avast first beta for Mac could be really noticeable. Besides you can put your hands down to its tens of millions of Windows users running Avast free and paid versions making it one of the most popular antivirus worldwide.

Avast for Mac


  • On-demand scanning: It’s possible to scan the whole file system, network volumes or a mounted removable volume. You can also run a custom scan. Scan reports are automatically archived and are accessible from the GUI at anytime.
  • On-screen alerts: Alert messages are displayed on-screen whenever a threat is detected.
  • File Shield: The File Shield scans the binaries of started applications and all files at the time they are modified.
  • Web Shield: The Web Shield monitors and filters all HTTP traffic coming from web sites on the Internet. Connections from your web browser are redirected to the Web Shield module. The Web Shield in turn connects to the requested web server and while downloading the content, it simultaneously scans it for viruses and Trojans. Only clean data is delivered to the browser, all malware is stopped before it gets saved on your Mac.
  • Mail Shield: The Mail Shield monitors and filters all POP3 and IMAP traffic coming from mail servers on the internet. It does not prevent saving of infected files (doing so could lead to irreversible data loss), it just detects them. The File Shield prevents any infected attachments from causing harm to your system.
  • Automatic updates: The scanning engine is automatically updated with our regular VPS database updates.

Known Issues:

  • Drag and drop functionality on the Dock icon is not available when the GUI is not running.
  • Some of the avast! windows aren’t automatically activated during application start-up and may be hidden behind other application windows.
  • Sometimes Apple’s default icon is shown in the Dock and Finder instead of the avast! icon.
  • The Growl framework (http://growl.info) is necessary for the pop-up alert functionality. We recommend installing Growl before installing avast!
  • Some items in the menus and some buttons in the GUI are greyed out / disabled as their functionality is not yet fully implemented.

Installation & Uninstallation:

  • To use the Mail Shield, you need to disable encrypted POP3/IMAP connections in your email client’s settings so the traffic can be scanned. By default, the Mail Shield encrypts all outgoing traffic itself if the mail server supports it (encrypted connections can be forced for selected mail accounts in the Mail Shield settings).
  • Uninstallation must be carried out from the application’s menu bar – item “Uninstall avast!”


Be warned that at this stage the Avast for Mac is still in beta that you might encountered unwanted glitch and crushes. How ever if you want to take a run you might go to this download link.

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