Apple iPhone 4 Portable Gaming Extension Concept

iPhone and iPod touch gaming could be a really big hit, but the most notable drawbacks on touchscreen gaming is the lack of physical d-pad like what to Sony PSP, Nintendo DSi and Sony Xperia Play boldly features. Ooh, until this concept could hit the market those who are thinking that  iPhone’s touchscreen seem like a miserable game playing experience will need to think twice.


Alan Li designed a Yanko Design entry to make those finger-tapping jerk happy with a concept of a portable extension accessory “that slides together both forming a protective case and turning the iPhone 4 into a portable gaming device. The sleek design upholds Apple’s aesthetic while adding a joypad, four-button game control, and external speakers.”

I just wish this concept could go on Kickstarter to be funded and be dropped on the market anytime soon. Ooh, and forget about Apple they don’t mind this kind of design.


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