Amazon’s Best Android Phones

The coming weeks for the Android could be nerve-breaking as Samsung is adhered to once again re-established the Galaxy lines in the limelight with the release of their new flagship smartphone with the Samsung Galaxy S II. Before you calm yourself, the Samsung Galaxy S II is said to rack up sales over ten million when it hits the shelves later on. After looking on this, we also got a pre-domination feel that the 2013 speculation of Android ruling 50% of the smartphone market could be really in near sight. Don’t be surprised if you see Apple’s magical creations sharing a single narrow box.

Amazon best android phones

Now we check out the largest e-tailer online to see what are the units currently bestsellers on the Android category. We see numerous manufacturers leading the list with Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson. So don’t spend much time here, check out this list of Amazon’s best Android smartphones.

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