Windows Phones also store location data, now everyone’s to blame

Not long after we got the confirmation that Apple and Google are tracking location information from our devices then comes another company that might join the courts for some lawsuit action. Let’s recall, Apple devices are said to be tracking a year’s worth of the user’s location and it is readily available as an open file. Apple claims however, that they’re not using the information for tracking users but more of the network and the phone itself. Android devices, on the other hand, have stored only a dozen or so locations.

For Windows Phones, although not much is known as to how frequent are the locations being recorded, this information isn’t stored directly in the device for easy access. With the advent of location-based applications, most of them require some user-consent before tracking can begin. Windows Phone users may opt to turn this off through a “global switch” that disables all location-based services. Microsoft also says that their “Find My Phone” service only stores the phone’s most recent location.

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