White iPhone 4 finally out, is thicker than the black version [Video]

After much much delay, what seemed to be the holy grail of iPhone 4 owners has finally arrived. Apple has officially released the white version of their hit smartphone into retail. Now many of you maybe wondering as to why the heck Apple took a lot of time to basically produce a recolor? To the company’s defense, it is apparently not just a simple recolor. As they explain it, the white color of the chassis has some effect to the inside components if not thought of. White filters sunlight differently from black and this may have adverse effects to the phone’s internals.

This may justify as to why the white version seemed to be thicker than the black one by a millimeter. It maybe just a minor nitpick but this will definitely cause some problems to accessories that are specifically fitted to the dimensions of the original version. As apparent as this may seem, Apple has not mention any changes with regards to the thickness and has stated that both have the same specifications.

For more on the White iPhone 4, head onto the hands-on from the great people at SlashGear or just hit the video down below.

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