White iPhone 4 appears, then disappears, at Three UK’s page

UK carrier Three has posted the ever-so-elusive White iPhone 4 on their page. As seen above, the 32 GB version will be available for £159 ($259) on a £35 per month contract. The perks of the plan include all the ones listed above with the handsets starting to ship on April 20, that’s tomorrow. The white iPhone is only available is supposedly available until the end of the month.

All of those were while the product was still listed as just moments after it was posted, the product page was removed. Their online support staff verifies this as Three affiliate sites may have allegedly listed the phone but not on Three’s official site as seen below:

This is probably a sign that Apple is ready to release the White iPhone 4 and Three is testing at their end upon its release. We can connect this to rumors suggesting that Apple is intending to release the said smartphone on the 26th of the month.

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