Sony CEO slips info on iPhone 5’s 8MP camera

Continuing on the Apple rumors, this one dates back to April 2010 where specifications for the iPhone 5 first came out. Allegedly, the rumors tell that Sony is to provide Apple with the CMOS sensors for the next generation iPhone’s camera. It took almost a year for this to be confirmed by Sony CEO Howard Stringer, through a slip of the tongue. In an interview with Walt Mossberg, the CEO is discussing how the recent Japan earthquake has affected their CMOS production. To paraphrase: “Our best sensor technology is built in one of the (tsunami) affected factories. Those go to Apple for their iPhones…or iPads. Isn’t that something? They buy our best sensors from us?”

The iPhone 4 currently has its camera sensors provided by OmniVision although rumors have been surfacing that Apple is planning on changing the supplier in favor of Sony. And does this have anything to do with the iPod Nano camera rumors we just saw?

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