PSN Outage: will cost Sony $24 billion; first class-action lawsuit filed

The PlayStation Network is still down as of today. At this point, Sony is now physically moving their data centers to a more secure facility. On their updated FAQ section regarding the incident, Patrick Seybold, Sony’s Senior Director for Corporate Communications and Social Media, stated that the company is now working with law enforcement as well as with a technology security firm on the incident that they clearly classify as criminal.

Forbes reports that if indeed confidential credit card information have been compromised, this might be one of the biggest thefts of financial-related data. Then comes the first class-action lawsuit filed due to the outage. On behalf of plaintiff Kristopher Johns, the Rothken Law Firm has filed the suit that alledges Sony of not having proper industry practices in protecting customer personal information — that’s 77 million of them. All that included in a 22-page document.

The Ponemon Institute then says that if the cost of each compromised record resulting to a malicious action is $318, then at 77 million accounts, the total cost resulting from the attack would be $24 billion.

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