Lenovo ThinkPad X1, it’s real and it’s thin with new battery technology

More ThinkPad goodness comes to your way as this really thin replacement to the X300 series of ultraportables is confirmed. And Lenovo managed to cram in some great specs inside this thin package. Included is a 2.5GHz Core i5-2520M processor, 160GB of SSD storage, 8GB RAM and a 13.3-inch Gorilla Glass display screen. As for thinness, it may not be a MacBook Air but it’s still the thinnest ThinkPad around at 21.5mm in thickness.

Add another confirmation to this is a PDF for resellers, but is available to all, showing more details regarding this laptop. The X1 is to have a new battery that although isn’t replaceable, will last up to three times the normal battery runtime and will charge 2.5 times faster. Called “RapidCharge”, Lenovo claims that this tech will bring your battery life from zero to 80% in 30 mins. time. And yeah, you may be wondering what’s the “X Slate” in the battery specs below. This might be the one it’s pertaining to. The ThinkPad X1 will supposedly hit stores on May 20 for $2,920.

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