Kohler’s new Numi high-tech toilet is no Captain’s chair, but will cost you $6,400

From the design alone, you get the impression that this isn’t the usual seat where you do nature’s calls. Nor is this a do-it-all Captain’s chair just like the one Kirk had in Star Trek. But nevertheless, this toilet will do those mundane tasks for you. Here is Kohler’s $6,400 toilet, the Numi. As for those mundane tasks we said earlier, it lifts the toilet seat by itself, it’s also self cleaning. For those cold feet, there’s a built-in temperature control to keep them warm and comfy. It even has a touchscreen — through a remote panel that allows you to set the controls of your thousand-dollar toilet. And of course, it has a charcoal-based filter that gets rid of the bad smells do make the experience more fresh. See the video below for more Numi goodness.

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