iPhone 6 Rumor: Will use Sharp’s Next-Gen LCD displays slated for spring 2012 production

You read that right. This is an iPhone 6 rumor to spice things up while the White iPhone 4 and the endless iPhone 5 rumors continue to spin. As stated, Apple may have chosen to use Sharp’s LCD displays for the 6th generation iPhone. Japanese newspaper Nikkan reports that Sharp will start production of the said displays in spring of 2012.

What makes these next generation LCDs special? They will use low-temperature poly-silicon technology. That might be a mouthful but that will allow for lighter and thinner displays and will also consume less energy — more bang for your battery right there. The poly-silicon LCDs will use thin film transistors (or TFTs) which will allow for the display drivers to be inserted onto the glass substrate itself — allowing a thinner display. If Apple is indeed eyeing Sharp, then this will be a departure from the organic displays utilized by Samsung and its Super AMOLED technology. And with the legal battle between the two companies not going any time soon, Apple may be considering taking Sansung off its supplier’s list.

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