Infogeeze: The History of Web Browsers (Infographic)

With this post, you’ll know how old is your browser, their latest iteration, who have died of competition and who’s been promising all through out –the rest is history. We’ve seen Netscape who’ve started it all but died last 2008 and continued in the form of Google Chrome, the consistent Opera browser and Apple loving Safari where ween seen doubling the line prior to extending market of Apple handhelds and computers. Down to final line were no surprise Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The Mozilla have been making wave eating IE bit by bit, yes, the Firefox has legitimately span its reaches on the browser market. Unlike the Microsoft IE who unsportsmanlike installation on Windows operating system basically wins its name, instantly. So you’ll see the span of its coverage on the infographic, massively taking more than half of the pie. However, as internet users get smarter as we’ve noticed and we speculate Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome we’ll be taking major spots on the browser  mainstream.

The History of Web Browsers

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