Halifax Holiday Matchmaker Facebook app

Are you the type of person that gets on a getaway every now and then? Are you the type of person that finds difficulty in choosing the next destination? Well this maybe the one solution you’ve been looking for. This is the Halifax Holiday Matchmaker, a Facebook app that chooses the best destination for your next vacation based on your friends, their preferences and the like.

Once you’ve given the permission to the app, it shows you this page that will more or less give you a glimpse of what you’ll be having if you take their vacation package. The page is divided into sections. First is the one seen above where you’re given a certain percentage compatibility with their recommended place — 80% as seen here.

Included in the recommendations is a suitable hotel that would best compliment the user’s overall experience in the said place. Conveniently included is a Google Map screenshot of where the place is for easier location. Then there’s a section where the app tells you how much you’d spend on certain activities, as seen below.

Conveniently, when planning a vacation like this, you’re likely to consider the weather in that particular place as to ensure that you’ll enjoy every moment spent there. And this app, doesn’t forget that fact and shows what weather you’re most likely to experience in the place, again as shown below.

Just remember that all of these, you could just avail if you get their Halifax Travel Money service. With that button seen all over the place, they made it pretty sure that you won’t forget doing that. To access the Facebook app, just log in to your account and go to the link here

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