Canon Controlled DSLR Marketshare for 2010

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Luckily I was holding a Canon camera, as mainly everyone else who feels “always delighted”. Canon remains the number one camera manufacturer worldwide if you list Powershots line-up (19 percent), followed by Sony (17.9 percent from previous 16.9) and Nikon (12.6 percent). Check out the chart IDC chart after the cut.

Worldwide digital still camera shipments by vendors from IDC Japan.

Worldwide Digital Camera Market Shares by Vendor
Vendor                 2010             2009
Canon                  19               19
Sony                   17.9             16.9
Nikon                  12.6             11.1
Samsung                11.1             10.9
Kodak                   7.4              8.8
Panasonic               7.6              7.6
Olympus                 6.1              6.2
Fuji                    4.9              5.4
Casio                   4                4.7
PENTAX                  1.5              1.7
Vivitar                 1.2              0.7
Other                   6.7              7

Now moving on, below is the chart for DSLR, where you’ll see Canon is holding almost half of the market. No wonder, why I see most of beginners, entry-mid and pro shooters hanging an EOS strap on their neck (yes, I was one of them).

DSLR Global Marketshare 2010

  1. Canon 44.5%
  2. Nikon 29.8%
  3. Sony 11.9 %

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