5th Generation iPod Touch with capacitive home button leaked?

More stolen shots of prototypes come our way, this time of a supposed next generation iPod Touch. Looking at the image above, it is noticeable that this one has gone away with the physical home button and instead has it all capacitive — making the whole thing buttonless. This model, marked MC550LL, allegedly has 128GB worth of capacity and runs a firmware at version 4.2.1MC14. This is an old firmware version and probably indicates that the prototype has been used as a testbed for quite some time.

As for physical changes, this model also sports the same aluminum backing that the iPhone 5 is rumored to have. Going buttonless has its definite advantages, specifically in the durability department, other than that, no other details are yet known. We’re not even sure if this is real or not — thus, this stays in the rumor mill unless otherwise proven.

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