‘Up’ house comes to life, and floats, with real balloons

This may not fall into the tech category but definitely does in the cool category. Ever wondered if a real house could float in the air with only balloons just like in the Disney-Pixar movie ‘Up’? These guys from National Geographic may have provided the answer.

They have constructed a 16×16-foot house that mimics the one in the movie and made it float with the help of 300 weather balloons.

All this effort is part of the channel’s new series entitled “How Hard Can It Be?” that’s set to premiere come fall of 2011. Consequently, the flight has gained them a new world record in the largest balloon cluster flight attempted with the whole thing reaching an altitude of 10,000 ft. for about an hour or so. For more information on this incredible endeavor, click play on the video link below.

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