Mozilla to take Chrome-like update approach after Firefox 4

Have you guys ever wondered why despite being way longer in the market than Chrome, Firefox is only at version 4 while Chrome is already at what, 9? Unlike the guys at Google, Mozilla has been releasing large updates every now and then while the former does multiple quick releases. But things are now going to change as Mozilla will adapt the same upgrade approach after releasing Firefox 4 — their final major update. According to Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s VP for Products: “What we want to do is get the power into users’ hands more quickly.” He further adds, “We’re moving on web time now, and we’ve been shipping a little bit on desktop time. It’s not necessary, so we’re undergoing some process changes, and we’ll do smaller bundles more quickly.” While Firefox still has the lead in terms of market share against Chrome, users of the latter browser have increased rapidly and Mozilla is doing everything to keep that margin and if possible, go head-to-head with Microsoft’s upcoming IE9 which now has an RC.

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