Edible Pen, when you can’t stop chewing your pen

Edible Pen

I just remembered when I was in high school where I can’t resist myself from biting and chewing my pen’s end cap. Specially when I was taking Math exam, maybe it’s my useful distraction when solving hard mathematical equations. However, looking at how simple the concept for the edible pen, at least someone have sort things out. Thanks to design student Dave Hakkens, who have come up with an “edible pen” where you can entirely eat almost everything except the ball point. Even the ink is edible, how economical and cool design right?

Edible Pen's Flavor

We only used the ink of our normal pen, throwing away 90% of it, so if you think where you can eat almost everything –not to mention, it’ll be safer to chew this thing rather that your own pen. Practically, this was a really great stuff, however, the edible pen remains a concept. Can anyone let this tasty idea brought to life?

You can check out how everything was done on Dave’s portfolio website.


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