WP7 is only for low-end spec and mid-range smartphones

Cheap Nokia Windows Phone out very quicky

There are two things you can equate for low-cost in terms of smartphones that could be low-spec or mid-range. Nokia has promised low-cost Windows Phone 7 smartphones “very quickly”, which seems to negate speculations that the prices for Finnish smartphones could balloons because of the Microsoft OS. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop confirmed that “we have become convinced that we can do that very quickly” telling the key messages that WP7 enabled Nokia handset may hit the shelves for “a very low price point.”

If you’ll be analyzing it quickly, does it conveys the message that “MS WP7 is only for low-end spec and mid-range smartphones ditching the flagship handsets its intended for?” Does Microsoft wants to conquer down-up stream of Nokia’s smartphone market, taking the mass market then goes up to flagship smartphone market? Why does Nokia takes Microsoft WP7 OS instead of the pandemic Android OS? Is this the end for Nokia after demolishing Symbian?

In time, we’ll see how everything will turn out.

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