Samsung and LG wants to sell 15 million 3DTVs this year

Samsung and LG plans to sell 15million 3DTVs

Moving on, besides tablets last year was the birth of 3DTVs, where we hardly see a range of manufacturers prepping for their own version of the 3D-glasses loving monitors. And this year, besides the dilemma of over -priced and -rated monitors plus the pesky 3D content problem, Samsung and LG plans on routing 15 million units of 3DTVs this year alone.

Samsung plans to sell 10 million 3DTVs, ooh, and this was five times the company sold last year with 2 million, while LG opt for 5 million 3DTVs this year. Can they beat they’re target, maybe if all their new models will be 3D capable, that’s it.

If you think that Gucci 3D-glasses will keep you watching on 3DTVs then, maybe this two would have some chances, now we’re out.

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