Playable Angry Birds Cake [VIDEO]

Angry Birds Cake

The ultimately popular multi-platform game Angry Birds has been dominating the mobile gaming industry, and yet so far, storming some birthday parties. Ooh, do I make myself clear about that? Well, this was totally cool and definitely creative –a playable Angry Birds cake.

If you’ll be looking closely, the details was perfect from the catapult, blocks and the several flavored iced birds pigs. The creative dad Mike Cooper creates this cake for his son’s sixth birthday. It takes him 10 hours to build the cake knowing he has no experience assembling one before. And the interesting part, when his son take the aim, the ten-hours cake wonder was destroyed for 2 minutes.

See the video below on how Mike assembled and his son destroyed the Angry Bird cake, cover up greedy pigs courtesy of Electricpig.

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