Motorola Xoom up for in-store pre-order at Best Buy for $800 shipping Thursday

Motorola Xoom in-store pre-order

Finally, dropped the official listing for the Motorola Xoom. The new tablets is set for in-store pre-order today with availability this coming Thursday, February 24th. The offerings mainly suggest only the $800 3G-equipped Xoom, however, Best Buy offering will lure you with $40 portfolio case, a $50 basic charging dock, a $130 stereo speaker dock, and a $70 Bluetooth keyboard on bundle. Accordingly, the much cheaper WiFi-only version of the tablet is still in deep secrecy, speculation takes that it would be ship later priced at $600. Engadget throws an early warning that even you just want the 3G-Xoom be used for WiFi-only purposes, you’ll be required to activate data with Verizon for at least a month.

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