iPhone 5 to sport a bigger 4-inch display

Rumor mills like what we have seen before for the next iteration of iPhone, this time with iPhone 5. There’s no official sense if Apple will follow the numbering moniker of iPhone 4 and goes on with iPhone 5, but earlier we learned that the handset is reported to feature 8MP camera,  next generation A5 processor and Qualcomm chipset that will unify the CDMA / GSM / UMTS radios and NFC integration that will boast “universal SIM”, not enough? And how about 4-inch larger screen?

In a report by Engadget, WSJ and Bloomberg the two sources claims accordingly with their sources that the iPhone 5 will be lighter and will feature larger 4-inch screen.

“Well, if DigiTimes and its chatty “upstream component suppliers” are to be believed then the next generation iPhone will be sporting a 4-inch display. While DigiTimes can, at times, be a suspect source for Apple information, the idea of a larger 4-inch iPhone flagship to help differentiate itself from a smaller iPhone nano and legacy iPhone 4 (that becomes the budget model) does make some sense.”

Now we almost forget, how about the iPhone Nano reported earlier or this very cool unthinkable and unimaginable iPhone 5G?

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