iFixit tears down Galaxy S 4G reveals Magnesium instead of Aluminum components

You should be wondering why iFixit have been so fond of tearing up our most wanted gadgets, maybe to reveal what makes those thing really special inside. But to dig even to the molecular components, the firm should have gotten an A+. Too nerd-ish, but the recent Samsung Galaxy S 4G teardown doesn’t have something really to be surprise with –until the team proves some talks that “Samsung used magnesium instead of aluminum for some of the components”. What they find out? The iFixit team file some dust off the frame and set it on fire, noticeably aluminum and magnesium have different reaction –yes, it was magnesium. So what’s the risk, first it’s ‘highly flammable’ and the rest can be find here. Can you imagine the product waste after few years when this handset was dropped back to mother earth, humans?

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