Facejacker: Brian Badonde on a Bing powered ride into the art of technology

Facejacker Bing

Familiar with Fonejacker and Kayvan Novak with his comedy antics on the phone line, but this time the “man of mystery” takes the camera up close and personal with his prosthetic on for Facejacker. And before, we hear it, Microsoft search engine Bing was spinning a series of episodes featuring the charlatan art critic Brian Badonde. Watch the video teaser after the break.

“In his quest to find out more about the ‘binternet’ and today’s latest technology, charlatan art critic Brian Badonde travels across the globe to learn more. What will the Facejacker favourite unearth in his voyage into the unknown?”

Novak’s Channel 4 sketch show throws same format for the ‘The Art Of Technologyweb series where he plays as a clueless art and history expert with a speech impediment, interviews experts under the guise of filming a documentary series for TV. According to Novak, “Filming the Bart of Bechnology was in many ways a biritual journey for me. Never before have so many people so generously allowed me to binkle with bechnology with such freedom of bexpression. I hope my fans, bart critics and bart lovers from around the world will join together, in one bollective bonsciousness to bembrace the new series and that it helps them see the true beauty that blies at the very beart of bechnology.”

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