Element iPhone 4 Vapor Case Pro announced

Element Vapor Pro

How much can you shell out of your pocket for your precious iPhone’s case? If around $150, we’re sure you’d love this  new Element’s redesigned and special collector’s edition Vapor Pro iPhone 4 case that’s priced at $149.99. Hit the break, Element’s got some reasons why you should buy their valuable case.

Here’s the company’s takes via CNET on why you should be grabbing some Vapor Pro:

  • Wider access ports on top and bottom for compatibility with a wide range of headphones, earbuds, and third party charging cables.
  • A special, aerospace polymer section built over the antenna contact points eliminates “death-grip” issues and improves Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G reception (note: we haven’t tested the case yet, so we don’t know if this is true).
  • A unique, diagonally attached design with bolts now positioned at opposite corners of the phone.
  • A “beautiful,” perforated SIM card slot with accents on the broad side opposite silence and volume controls. (Note: who knew a perforated SIM card slot could be beautiful?)
  • Unique titanium alloy finishes.
  • A special hex key tool for removal and installation that can now be carried on your key ring for easy accessibility. (Woo-hoo.)

Have you made your mind? Does the death-grip solution, improves Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G reception and special hex key tool for removal and installation tool moves you on your seat, making the case worth it over its whopping price? Now if that’s what you think, go ahead and grab one we got full listing of Element’s Case via Amazon.com here.

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