Dell Streak 7 review

Dell Streak 7

No we haven’t touch the Dell Streak 7 for our review, however we just hope that Dell could read this and send us a unit for our hands-on, no we’re dead serious specifically we’re taking Android. So normally, we’re here to share  few special links to give you an idea how Dell Streak 7 goes into the tablet arena in terms of price value, features, performance and design. We got few synopsis after the break check it out.

From Engadget, “There’s no doubt that at $199.99 on contract / $450 off contract the tablet is one of the more decently priced Android slates out there, and its HSPA+ speeds make it incredibly fast, but when you combine its low-resolution screen, poor battery life, and soon-to-be outdated OS, we simply can’t recommend it, even if it doesn’t break the bank.” and Slashgear takes “The Streak 7 will perform and in some cases outperform other tablets in the 7′ inch range with its capabilities as a rich multimedia device largely thanks to NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 super chip. The battery life is my biggest complaint with the Streak 7 and in terms of battery life the Tab is a better option.”

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