Canon PowerShot lineup expands with the SX-230, ELPH 100 / 300 / 500 HS

The long Powershot line by good ol’ Canon still continues, but this time around, they have 12.1 megapixels. The following models seem to have this High Sensitivity (HS) sensors that were introduced by the S90 and G11 models. First is the SX230 HS that boasts a 14x zoom, GPS and a 3-inch LCD display. Then we’ll go with the ELPH cameras, starting with the ELPH 100 HS, coming in 5 colors, it has a 4x optical & digital zoom, with a 3-inch LCD. Next is the higher end ELPH 300 HS. It has the capabilities of the 100 HS, although with a smaller 2.7-inch LCD, with the addition of image stabilization, 4x zoom and a 24mm wide angle lens. At the higher end of the spectrum is the ELPH 500 HS. This has a 3.2-inch touch-screen panel with 4.4x optical zoom, an ultra-wide angle 24mm lens that also includes image stabilization.

The ELPH 100 HS will be available at the beginning of March priced at $199.99 while the 300 HS and 500 HS will be available at the end of the same month for $249.99 and $299.99 respectively. On the other hand, the SX-230 will available at the end of March as well, priced at $349.99. Follow the post below for some eye-candy.

PowerShot SX-230

PowerShot ELPH 100 HS

PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

PowerShot ELPH 500 HS

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