Apple to release “iPhone Nano” at $200 without contract?

Note: These are just mock-ups and not the actual product images.

Bloomberg has released a report stating that Apple is allegedly preparing a cheaper, smaller version of their iPhone, to be priced at $200 without contract. The rumored device is said to be roughly 1/3 of the current model and will be made from older and cheaper components — allowing the price cut. According to the same report, this move is a response to all the Android smartphones coming in the market right now. Current market share of Apple’s phones fall at 16% while Google Android takes 32.9%, double of the former’s. The report also suggests that Apple is also looking at pushing its universal SIM feature which allows users to switch networks without having to swap SIM cards.

With the history of Apple releasing smaller versions of their products, the “iPhone Nano” concept seems really feasible. As such, various mock-ups of the rumored smartphone has come up, some serious, some down right funny. See them below.

iPhone Shuffle… now that would be awesome

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