This is what will eventually replace your 3D glasses [Video]

Shown here is artist François Vogel who isn’t that much of a supporter of the 3D hype today. As we should know by now, the most common technology to experience 3D involves wearing the mandatory glasses — and some people don’t want that, including Vogel. So here he is with something attached to his temples. What could they be and how would they work? Find out after the break.

According to him, these pieces attached to him are supposedly to simulate the aforementioned glasses. He also clearly mentions that this would only work with displays at a 120Hz refresh rate. The device is then attached to the sides of your eyes that would sync your blinking to the monitor when needed. Other than these, not much detail is known on how this is supposed to work.
On the other hand, you can see Vogel using the device to get an idea of whether you would want these yourselves.

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