Nintendo 3DS only 3 to 8 hours of play time per charge revealed

Nintendo 3DS
The timing seems totally in line as previously there’s a span of leaks for the Nintendo’s upcoming handheld gaming console –the 3DS. However this time, this is not publicity stunts as we assume, as the company reveals a pretty disappointing battery life for the 3DS. According to a report of Engadget via Nintendo JP, “The official numbers are three to five hours playing per game, or five to eight if playing an older DS title (and up to three hours 30 minutes to fully recharge). So… three to eight hours under the most ideal circumstances.” This was totally out of the predecessors battery range which Nintendo’s claimed with “DS is 10 to 14 hours, DS Lite 15 to 19 hours, DSi 9 to 14 hours, and DSi XL 13 to 17 hours.”
Now what you can expect is a very frequent charging or simply playing along with cords. Now if this the issue, ooh, then we see a market for battery pack and we remember Mophie.

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