Mophie Juice Pack Reserve review

“Let’s get juiced!”
This isn’t the first time that a product from Mophie has landed in this site’s shores… and that went pretty well. With the continued success of Apple’s products (i.e. iPods, iPhones, etc), Mophie would to continue to capitalize on these accessories with the end goal of making your gadget experience better… and longer. This time, we have the Juice Pack Reserve for the iPod/iPhone. No longer are you bounded by the limitations of your included battery. Will we get “juiced” as they’ve promised? The full review follows after the cut.

Unboxing & Presentation

The box is overall simple with a profiled image of the Reserve. Opening the flaps would reveal the Juice Pack tightly snugged in a nifty plastic tray with the USB connector, a Carabine keychain and a user’s manual. It was nice of Mophie to add in the keychain as the Reserve is just a small gadget that anyone could bring anywhere, a perfect keychain material if you ask us.
  • Smart battery technology automatically turns power on when the reserve is connected to your device and turns off when disconnected.
  • Uses breakthrough rechargeable lithium polymer battery. (Much safer than lithium-ion batteries).
  • Track battery power status at a glance with an integrated 4-light LED power indicator. Indicates charging mode and current battery life.
  • Rechargeable for over 500 cycles. (These are FULL cycles. Partial cycles don’t count as full. SO, you can charge your juice pack 10% of the way ten times before you get to a complete cycle.)
  • Built-in short circuit, over-charge and temperature protection.
First Impressions
The Juice Pack Reserve has a soft-rubber exterior with the same matte black finish as other Morphine products. It’s sides feature this silver plastic band that comprises the overall simple aesthetic of the product. The top side has a slider switch that contracts and extends the iPod/iPhone connector. At the side of the connector is a small LED flashlight that adds to the usability of the Reserve when not charging anything, especially when used as a keychain.

The underside still sports that matte-black finish and has a button that activates the LED power indicator. Also seen is the mini-USB connector that allows you to charge your battery pack through a PC.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 1.60 in x 3.15 in x 0.63 in
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
  • Product Compatibility: Any Generation Apple iPhone, iPod or iPod touch


You need not to be a rocket scientist to figure out how the Reserve works. Just have your drained iPod/iPhone, connect it and you’re ready to go, it’s that simple. Charging time when using the Reserve is the same as if you’re charging your gadget through a PC. What’s handy is that while charging, you can just push the button and find out in real time how much juice is left from your reserve.
And on that related note, charging the Reserve is quick and simple. Just connect it to your USB port and wait for the 4 LED lights to stop blinking. For example you checked your Reserve and the indicator has one LED lit up. Connecting it will show that 1 LED completely up and the second one blinking. This will continue until  the four of them are lit, as seen above. And with it’s overcharge protection mechanism, you can’t possibly go wrong with it.
The next question will be: “How much power can a full charge of Reserve give your Apple product?” Of course it depends but let’s take a baseline here. A fully charged Reserve (meaning with 4 LEDs lit) can charge a fully drained iPod Nano 6th Generation and would have 3 LEDs lit afterwards. Tests performed on a fully drained iPhone would put it to half of it’s full battery capacity. Given the small nature of the Reserve, this is completely understandable although it might disappoint some.
Final Thoughts
We didn’t come to this review with the expectation that this small package will produce the results given by the larger Mophie products. But overall, this nifty gadget accessory gets the job simple and fast. As we’ve said earlier, things can’t get simpler by just plugging the thing and you’re set. So, how would we recommend this? Well, we’d say that for the larger iPods/iPhones, you can’t simply rely on this one to supply your gadget to full capacity. However, if you have the smaller ones, this is highly recommended as this will definitely extend the power of your media player. Priced starting at $39.95, you’ll definitely get your dollar’s worth with this purchase.

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