Latest images of the PlayStation Phone, as NOT seen in CES [Updated]

You’ve read that right folks. Despite having been in the rumor mill for quite some time now, with Sony itself not acknowledging its existence (probably the reason that it hasn’t appeared in CES), images of the alleged PlayStation Phone still come out. And this time around, a Chinese website is claiming that they have images showing a fully working unit, complete with game as well as camera tests. More after the break.

Here’s what we make of the said website. It shows us some picture of the phone’s features — mainly its sliding game pads and controls. They’ve also run tests on actual games (as they put it) and some picture captured with its onboard camera.
The site notes that the handset will be having a 4-inch 854×480 capacitive touchscreen display and the included camera boats a resolution of 8-megapixels that allows 720p video recording. For storage, there’s a micro SD card slot which is surprising considering that Sony has their own Memory Stick DUO for storage. If Sony’s denial of the unit is a technique to tease us, then they’re definitely succeeding in doing so.
We’ve mirrored some of the images from the site. For more, click the link above.

[UPDATE] A video just popped up showing an individual playing Resident Evil 2 & Rage Racer on the unit in question. Looks like this will get out of the rumor mill soon.

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