HTC has its pipeline for 2011 leaked and it includes buttonless phones

Look Ma, no buttons! So HTC has done it again, with their slides being leaked a year prior, website PocketNow has published something of the same banana, including the ones you’re seeing above. That is apparently the HTC version of a buttonless phone that has their logo in place of the Verizon one also leaked a few days ago. More images and leakages after the cut.

Next in line is a version of their Desire that has no trackpad unlike before.

Then there’s also a mid-range Android phone that looks like an Aria.

And looks like HTC has coverage for the major markets as they have their entry-level that might be the successor of their Smart Brew MP-powered phone.

While all look legit, these are still pretty much rumor-mill material so take this with the usual grain of salt.

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