Blackberry Balance to be released in two months time; to help your work-life balance

Many of those who have BlackBerry phones have one little nitpick in mind… having one makes it really difficult to separate work stuff from the non-work ones. People tend to carry two devices that literally separate their personals from the work. With the Balance, BlackBerry tries to eliminate this scenario by letting it do the separation for you — while using the same device. And the wait isn’t that long either as they’re planning to release the Balance in a couple of months time. More after the break.

RIM’s Senior VP for Business and Platform Marketing told Reuters in an interview that the Balance is now being tested with carriers and not only that, it will also be available in their upcoming tablet, the PlayBook. With this, you don’t have to worry about getting the business side of things into your personal stuff. But that doesn’t mean that you should neglect the former.

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