Best picks in CES 2011, Part 8

CES 2011 may be done but we’re not done yet highlighting the best of the show. Included here is a camera that’s very much connected, something that might solve the age-old problem of ergonomics especially in these times and another reason to be a couch potato. We find some of these are pretty nifty, hope you agree with us as you go through them.

Making the most out of its WiFi
Samsung SH100 Digital Camera

Remember those old cameras that have this remote push-button device to actually take shots? Well this isn’t like those old things but it can use your Galaxy S phone as a handy-dandy remote… you can even geotag your photos with it. All through WiFi.
Samsung’s SH100 can make use of the Galaxy S as a WiFi remote control as well as viewfinder for all convenience sake. Although there’s still no specific information as to how far you can go with it. The built-in WiFi in the camera also allows instantaneous transfer of pictures to your PC or laptop as well as instant uploads to your favorite social-networking sites. How cool is that?
As for specifications, 1/2.33 inch sensor with 14.2 megapixels of resolution. It will come later this March for $200.

It’s not 16:9, it’s 21:9 and in 3D!
Vizio’s Razor LEDs coming to America

Coming to America it is, you guys can now have 50 to 58-inch of 21:9 goodness through these LEDs by Vizio. They will have a maximum resolution of 2560×1080.
For the 50-inch XVT3D500CM, it has s refresh rate of 240Hz, smart dimming, SRS surround sound as well as Bluetooth QWERTY remote control and internet applications. It’s larger version, the 58-inch XVT3D580CM is similar but with 120Hz refresh rate. Two of Visio’s releases would have Google TV functionality, the XVT3D476SV and the XVT3D556SV. No prices given as of yet, but you can bet that they’ll be cheaper than their Philips counterparts.
Erogonomic… and Stylish
Smartfish’s Engage Keyboard
“Ergonomic” and “Stylish” are two words that often don’t mix well when placed in a single sentence. So the people at Smartfish didn’t, they mixed them in this very beautiful keyboard. It can analyze your typing styles and it is even self-adjusting to match your comfortability. The Engage is now available for $149.95.
Smartfish Announces Availability of the World’s Most Intelligent Keyboard

Engage™ Keyboard with Anti-Fatigue Comfort Motion learns from how you type and automatically makes subtle adjustments to create the most comfortable computing experience ever

2011 Best of Innovations Honoree on display at CES – North Hall #4022

Englewood, NJ – January 4, 2011 – SmartFish Technologies is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Engage Keyboard, the first-ever automated keyboard designed to provide the user with the ultimate comfort typing experience. Unlike traditional keyboards that place your hands in a rigid position, the Engage Keyboard features a patented motion system that studies your typing frequency and makes subtle, comfortable adjustments periodically so your hands and wrists are never in a fixed position while you work. These changes in positioning promote the natural motion of your hands and wrists, providing the highest level of comfort possible. The intuitive and beautiful design of the keyboard allows users to immediately become an expert and enjoy the ultimate level of comfort in their computing experience.

“Most so-called ‘comfort products’ tend to differentiate themselves through radical forms and shapes, but they still limit movement by placing the hands and wrists in a static position.” said Dr. Jack Atzmon, President and CEO of Smartfish Technologies. “Engage ensures movement in the user’s typing experience which is crucial for increasing flexibility, circulation and alleviating stress and pain.”

The Engage Keyboard was developed in collaboration with the country’s leading Orthopedic Hospital, The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, whose mission statement is to “improve mobility and the quality of life for all.” This is the Hospital’s first collaboration on a consumer product in their 160-year history. A portion of our proceeds is donated to the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Education Fund to help further research of technologies. (

The Engage Keyboard is compatible with PCs and is available now from for $149.95.

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