Best picks in CES 2011, Part 5

And the CES coverage continues… and it won’t stop for the moment. We’ve gone from mobile phones, to tablets and even soups. For this installment, let’s get sporty and savvy with a new offering from Nike and a television from Sony that you might not want to even turn on. More after the cut.

Technology to help you get in shape
Nike+ Sportswatch GPS

A new year means new resolutions, either to really work on or just to break. And Nike’s here to help you out with those “I’ll get physically fit” resolutions with these new sportswatches. Powered by TomTOM GPS, it will alert you like crazy to do those runs like a personal trainer would.
The Sportswatch GPS will remind you whenever you needed to run if you haven’t within 5 days and even encourage you in doing so — especially when you’ve done some records. What’s more is that you can always keep track of your progress by attaching it to a computer and vising It works in tandem with a sensor in your shoe that can even provide the location as to where you’re currently running.
TV you’ll watch even when turned off
Sony’s new “monolith”
This thing has been hanging out in Sony’s booth at the LVCC and might easily be concluded as simple piece of polished black glass, simply for display. Well we’ll break it to you, it’s a television — and simply saying ‘beautiful’ is an understatement. How do we know that this is indeed a TV? A test pattern appears on it every now and then — in a form of white rectangles signifying an LED array present. Other than that, there are no buttons, lights, switches, connection ports or even logos to tell what this is supposed to be.
Now, we’re just assuming that this is a TV given that it’s displayed with other HDTVs and it is in Sony’s booth. If this is a proof of concept or a prototype product sample, then we’re hooked as this is simply elegant to watch, even if you’re just seeing your reflection.

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