Over 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices sold to carriers and retailers

After the bunch of devices with different manufacturers during the launch, Microsoft was still in top secret to what major steal the Windows Phone 7 has been on the sales chart. Apparently, the Redmon Software giant was able to dish out some sales figure with 1.5 million sales to mobile operators and retailers, ooh, yes that was definitely NOT the numbers we’re looking for. They should tell us the actual numbers of WP7 sold to consumers that would determine directly the success on the mobile operating system.

We’re not particularly satisfied with the performance of WP7 in terms of mobile OS share so far, this would not even impacted the share iOS and Android platform, but we consider it’s still early. Early, that they should have solidified the OS more, rather than claiming that WP7’s early sale is in line with their expectations.
Now we wonder, how many units Nokia will shipped to operators and retailers when its WP7 phones stab the market?
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