Google Cr-48 Chrome OS laptop impressions

So our first impression of the Cr-48 wasn’t as gentle as we hoped it would be. Thus, it is only proper that the Chrome OS laptop have a fair introduction without having to go through that horrific experience again. As it is not a commercial-release laptop, most of us probably won’t have any chances of acquiring it — so here‘s something that would instill what a machine running Chrome OS should be.

The first thing you’ll notice about this netbook is that it as simple as it gets. No fancy designs no logos or anything, just a straight forward matte black finish. Well since this isn’t intended to be sold commercially, they didn’t put much effort in making it look attractive. For other hardware details, we have an SD card as well as a USB port at the side. They keyboard is OK, aside from the changes aforementioned before.
We can see what Google’s trying here,  basically you have the browser open and you’ll pretty much do everything there. Imagine that there’s only one window, and every “application” is loaded through a separate tab. It will be something to get used to, especially if you’re used to multitasking with various windows you’d want to see all at once. It is a new experience and limiting at the same time.

For a video preview, you can see one here.

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