Free Angry Birds for Android Annoying Video Ads

We are really not fan of annoying ads, did we told it already on Digg’s EVO 4G advertisements, ooh, however this time this we think it’s quite annoying to embed ads within a game. Did you know the ever popular mobile game Angry Birds that have already transformed in different versions, even in 8-bit version –yes, it was a perfect example. Check out the video after the break.

It’s the free version of Angry Birds for Android and it’s free, advertiser pays for it instead, however you’ll need to suffer watching ads again and again, yes annoying, in a long run. If you’ll be watching the video, these ads don’t seem like they can be skipped. However don’t they tried to make this ads appear on the middle of the game, or pause your game to let you purchase a full version –hell, that would be “Angry Gamers”, seriously somehow it would have negative feedback for the whole franchise.

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