Creative uses of the new Facebook profile layout

So Facebook users have been changing to the new profile layout, with most noticeable being the additional pictures above your call. And when the creative juices start kicking in, even the simple profiles can be pretty amazing. Started by French artist Alexandre Oudin, people have started playing around with their profile pictures and all to make clever and cool effects out of the new layout. Here’s a rundown of some of the coolest redesigns and we’re hoping that you try to do one as well.

1.Alexandre Oudin – French artist and the guy that started it all!

2. Nic Refauh – He’s the current vice president at McCann Digital and he likes turning people upside down!

3. Jason – He likes strawberries…

4. Thibault le Brasseur – Now we know who he has his eyes on…

5. Ouri Stopek – And who among you doesn’t want to burn cars without matches?

6. John Robert-Nicoud – That’s soooo sweet!

7. Antony Legrand – At this point we now wonder how they do these things

8. BestBuddies DogBoutique – So this is where those dogs are heading…

9. Jayden Tan – As long as he doesn’t post anything, that face will remain there…

10. Jon Yang – Shoot it!

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