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Nokia N8
If you are constantly updating your Facebook status and always checking your twitter account then the Nokia N8 is the perfect handset to invest in. The N8 brings together a world of integrated social networking, enabling you to keep up to date with all the latest gossip and news from both friends and family.
The Nokia N8 instantly notifies you of both feeds and updates from social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, all this is instantly and easily accessible by downloading one single application. Photos and videos can be revealed to friends and family the moment they are captured, Facebook events are also instantly added to your phones calendar. All of this is possible with the touch of one button. Live updates appear on the home screen, making it an incredibly easy task to stay in touch with your close ones.
If you like to be individual, making the Nokia N8 your own is easy. Users are able to personalise their phone by adding an assortment of widgets. There is not one but instead a total of three live home screens available to the user, meaning you can organise and style your phone to your exact needs. There is the option to make one for work, one for fun, and even one with your chosen picture as the background wallpaper. Switching between the home screens is easy and can be done using one simple gesture. An array of widgets can be downloaded straight to your phone from the Ovi Store.
The Nokia N8 is certainly one of the best phones on the market for creativity and offers a world of opportunities regarding downloading both fun and high-tech assets for your mobile. You can turn your mobile phone into a whole world of entertainment with the help of the Ovi store, which houses an array of applications that are constantly being upgraded. These include apps, videos and games.
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