Samsung Galaxy Tab and the prices that you need to know

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So every US carrier has dished out how they’re going to charge users once they sign up to have that Samsung Galaxy Tab they’ve always wanted. But still can’t decide on which one to go to? Well look no further as here’s a comparison chart showing each carrier’s plan with accompanying prices. More after the cut.

Well for starters, we all know AT&T‘s $50 bonus. Then strictly looking at it, US Cellular seems to be the most cost-efficient two-year contract at $760 — but then again, comparing its $15/200MB plan to Verizon’s $20/2GB or to Sprint’s $30/2GB will put that cost-efficiency to shame. If that’s bad, then how would you call T-Mobile’s $25/200MB rates? What makes it confusing is that they have a $40/5GB plan, seems like they covered the extremes there.

All in all, it all depends on how a carrier performs in your coverage area. But at least you have some help in choosing properly.

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