Panasonic’s Gigantic 103-Inch 3D Plasma TV Worth $100,000

Panasonic’s Gigantic 103-Inch 3D Plasma TV
Panasonic is well-known for their humongous plasma panel in the market, and yet this time, entering the 3D arena with their gigantic plasma TV with 103-inch TH-P103MT2. Don’t be surprised if it’ll have that full HD resolution and 500 million-to-one not to mention all the interface support. Be warned that you should not take this home alone, cause this also weighs big time, 321 kilograms or 707 pounds including the stand.
Back in 2006, Panasonic also intros their 103-inch plasma TV, yeah, for the rich-kind in those time, and today it seems nothing have changed cause this 3D-inclined 103-incher plasma TV will cause you 8.5 million yen or about $102,000 –intended for those people who have Bugatti on their garage.
Now if you can afford this, we have something for you here, for sure, feel free to pick what fits your budget and preferences.

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