Original Apple 1 computer unit sold for $210,000

Around a couple of weeks back, an original Apple 1 computer unit was up for grabs in an auction at Christie’s. Yes, this is the grand-daddy of them all, made form the humble garage of Steve Job’s parents with only 200 units sold. Now, this 30-ish year old unit has cashed-in for a whopping £133,250 or roughly $210,000. The prize came with a sales letter signed by Steve Jobs and it also comes in its original packaging. The unit originally sold for $666.66.

The lucky bidder was Italian businessman Marco Bodlione. He got the Apple 1 because “because he loves computers.” Also in the auction was Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computer and told the press “Today my heart went out as I got to see things auctioned off like the Turing documents and the Enigma machine and the Apple I… It really was an important step – I didn’t feel that way when I designed it. … I’m very delighted for the gentleman who purchased it.” Other items in the auction are the Tuning documents which are writings by British mathematician Alan Turing and the Enigma being a German-made code-making machine.

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