Motorola Droid Pro Review

Motorola Droid Pro
We can’t denied that maybe someday Android devices might come to a point that “it was everywhere” from mobile phones to tablet computers or maybe even to your can opener (we kid). If we’ll look from its creator, yes, that internet-tycoon –Google, did we say it’s possible. Now they start with smartphones, the good thing here and we think you should look at —-is Motorola’s latest —Verizon DROID PRO.
Now what we have here, is something new when it comes to traditional Android smartphones that span from basic touchscreen candybars or horizontal QWERTY sliders. Verizon DROID PRO hails a Blackberry keypad mounted in candybar form utilizing a touchscreen interface, at this form this could be a perfect messaging device.
Now is it enough to lure in adapters and dump their iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch? Is it far more better than Blackberry’s messaging capability and form? Now its the time to check out Slashgear’s take on Droid Pro, yes they got a worthy thing to read on their review. Check it out and let us know how you feel?

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