Kids nowadays want an iPad over PCs or even a PS3

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This is interesting, children below 12 nowadays would better like an iPad over let’s say a PC or even a PS3! That’s right folks, based on a recent list released by Nielsen today, 31% of the aforementioned demographic wanted iPads – unexpectedly beating the likes of game consoles and mobile phones. Sony’s PlayStation 3 fared 5th at 21% while the Nintendo Wii performed at 18%, 11 in the ranking. Results for the 13 and above bracket after the cut.

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On the other hand, those in the upper demographic wanted the more conventional gadgets like PCs, TVs and smartphones. Personal Computers topped the list at 20% — iPads on the other hand got 4th at 18%. Surprisingly, the iPhone got a share of 13%, under the likes of a Nintendo Wii or a Blu-ray player. The question now is, how will the gaming console manufacturers react as the kids slowly bring their attention to Apple’s tablet?

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