How to create a personal geeky postcard

Personally when it comes to greeting someone on this Holiday Season, I tend to create something personalized, that even in a simple postcard you’ll see the love and effort stamp on it. Though there could be lots of postcard already available the dilemma on finding the right pre-made postcard to express your warm greetings, yes –nothing can beat your personal message. This comes the point that you have to create your own. And, you’re reading the right one, here you’ll find a way on how you can tell your love ones that you’re a geek (we kid), honestly this is really cool.

First you need to have a stock paper that measured at 10-inch x 7-inch, then try to design it first with your personalized message or doodle, normally try to create on both front and back cover. However if you are custom printing, feed it first on your printer before folding it to center.
Now you need to grab a two push button sound module where you can record a 20 seconds voice message, this is the best part of your personalized post card. You can buy this module on (set of 10 or set of 2). Then record your 20 seconds song or voice message (see the video on how to do that). You may have to experiment with the distance of recording into the Micro-speaker to achieve the best results. Re-record as often as desired.
Now try to align playback button on the card design where you draw or print “press here”, you can secure the place by temporarily marking it with a pencil. After that peel off the wax paper of the module to secure it on the card.
Now it’s time to stitch seal the edges to cover the module, you may secure it by a double stick tape or glue stick.
Now you have a personalize postcard made by a geek (you). We’ve also seen some cool advertising brochure makes in this way, how effective, yes we listen to it all the way.
If you think you can’t handle this, Nextdayflyers can do it for you, from business cards, brochures, and specially postcards delivered to you the next day.

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