Focused sunlight melt steel, rock, and no known material could stand it [Video]

When we’re young and first discover that a magnifying glass and sun can intensely focused sun rays to set fire, yes we burn lots of leaves and probably kills lots of ants –ooh, we’re sure you gonna love this. It melts rocks, metal, and set wood on fire in split second, intensely fierce sunlight which is only harvested for just 2 square-meters, imagine “no known material could stand it”. Video after the break.

This focused sun rays was extremely hot ranging from 6,300 degrees Fahrenheit, maybe enough compare few distance to Sun’s face or Earth’s core.
Apparently, our big questions was why there’s still no known device to harvest this kind of energy, rather that those solar panels. Is it more complicated than Nuclear Power plants, or is there no way to contain this kind of energy?

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